Membership Information

Membership Information

Membership dues are collected on an annual basis and cost $5.00/yr. The membership period runs from conference to conference, or from about August 1, to July 31. The dues are normally collected at the time of registration for the annual conference. If you wish to join Central States VHF Society or renew your membership, Send a check for $5.00 payable to Central States VHF Society to:

      Bruce Richardson W9FZ


      7623 Teal Bay


      Woodbury, MN  55125


Along with your check, give him your name, call, address, grid locator and indicate if you are an ARRL member. Membership runs from conference to conference, so dues now will expire after the July conference. There is no newsletter at this time, but there are conference announcement mailings. A mailing will go out to all members in May or June giving the final details for the conference and registration information. That mailing will also be posted to these Web pages when it is available. There is also a LIFE membership program for CSVHFS.