States Above 2007-2008 Results

Central States VHF Society 2007-08 States Above 50 MHz Contest Results

As of 2 September 2008

Conducted by Jim Hermanek K0KFC.

VE3OIL EN93ON27344111101245
VE3OIL FN03ON11543111101230
VE3OIL FN04ON2982322100130

Central States VHF Society

Central States VHF Society 2007-08 States Above 50 MHz

Contest Wrap-Up

VHF/UHF band activity this past year (2007-2008) followed declining solar conditions, propagation, and the minimum marking the end (we hope) of cycle 23. While the number of logs was down, there are notable bright spots of activity with 1st place winner Bob Mathews (K8TQK) reporting an outstanding 184 band/states. Bob turned in 22 states on 432 MHz & 24 states on 222 MHz along with 30 on 144 MHz to highlight his effort. Congratulations Bob!

The second place award was captured by Ron Hooper (W4WA) with an exemplary effort in reporting 145 band states. Ron worked 15 states on both 222 & 432 MHz along with 30 on 144 MHz to round out his totals. Bill Davis (K0AWU) also passed the century mark to garner the third place plaque. Bill turned in a total 112 band/state effort highlighted by 34 states on 144 Mhz, 8 states on 222 MHz, 7 states on 432 MHz, plus an outstanding effort of 7 states on 10 GHz. Great work, Bill!

Also notable (despite the band conditions typical in the northern latitudes) is the effort of Russell Beech (VE3OIL). Russell turned in logs from three separate grids and was awarded certificates for each. His efforts included 45 band/states from EN93; 30 from FN03 & 30 from FN04. Well done, Russell!

The rovers should not be overlooked as contributing to the activity on the bands. John Kalenowsky (K9JK) turned in 32 states and Jon Platt (W0ZQ) logged 30 states as rovers. Plus, Jon turned in an additional 48 states from the home QTH.

It should also be noted that from the logs, fully 2/3rds of the entries reported activity on the microwave bands of 10 or 24 GHz.

We're looking forward to the return of better band conditions plus more logs and activities as we now turn upward on the cycle into 2009. See you on the bands!


Jim Hermanek K0KFC
CSVHFS States Above Program Administrator